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Murder Mystery

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Includes a 3 course 2 AA rosette standard dinner. Accommodation can be added on upon request – please call for details.

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Welcome to "Salty Towers", the craziest hotel in Britain. 

Eccentric manager Basil MacDyre fusses and fumes as his bungling staff bumble their way through the night amid complaints of poor service, incompetent entertainment and, of course, murder. Is that obnoxious guest for real...or an actor in disguise? Watch out for low flying insults and exploding tempers! This show is a parody of 70's and 80's television. It is not the BBC touring version of Fawlty Towers if you like that... you'll love this!

Actors will mingle around the tables to perform scenes and introduce clues whilst you dine and chat, and one will drop down dead. The actors will help you with the plot, amuse you and, if you are lucky, insult a person of your choice!

The production is full of action and lots of laughs, with the opportunity for a small number of guests to get involved. The murder mystery plot is one of our more complex but guests who choose not to get stuck into solving the mystery can quite happily sit back and be entertained all evening.

Audience participation and 70's/80's fancy dress is encouraged... but not compulsory.

Available dates: Friday 30th May / Friday 13th June



This is an interactive murder mystery dinner show which parodies the spy movie genres from James Bond toAustin Powers. After a special agent drops down dead, you take on the role of Agent B.O.N.D.

Our team of actors interact during dinner and between courses to set your mission, perform dialogue, introduce clues, entertain you and help you solve the mystery.

Audience participation is encouraged but not compulsory so you can spontaneously take a small part if you wish orsit back and enjoy the show going on around you.

Dress code: Black tie, cocktail dresses or 60's gear
Plot: Top Secret
Characters: Access denied
Level of Fun: The spy's the limit
Mission: I can’t tell you or I would have to shoot you!

Available dates: Friday 16th May / Saturday 31st May / Saturday 14th June

Death Styles of the Rich and Famous

An interactive murder mystery show and the occasion is the launch of a book by celebrity couple “Dosh” and “Pecs”.

Come and walk the red carpet and say “Hello” to all the pretentious types you read about in “OK Yah” magazine. Which one of these egotistical fame-junkies is evil enough to resort to murder to get what he/she wants?

The event takes place over a meal where our team of professional actors will entertain youduring and between courses. At some point during the meal, some poor celebrity will have 'bought it' and it is your job to unravel the clues, interrogate the suspects and work out 'whodunit' by the end of the evening.

We encourage those who want to join in but the less extrovert types will get just as much fun out of watching the show
go on around them.

Available dates: Saturday 17th May / Sunday 8th June / Friday 20th June

Call us on 02392 465 011 to book!